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Coffee Cultures

Coffee Cultures Alameda coffee cup

Coffee Cultures serves world-famous Counter Culture Coffee, Straus Soft Serve, Five Mountains Tea, Starter Bakery, and other locally sourced products. The Coffee Cultures brand is built on authenticity, the finest ingredients, and the rich culture of the fascinating coffee industry. The baristas are passionate about creating connections and making each visit better than expected.

Ding Tea Alameda

Ding Tea Alameda bobba tea

Ding Tea promotes the Taiwanese tea culture all over the world, focusing on blending fresh tea for exclusive and unique taste… milk teas, slushes, fruit juices, coffee, and other authentic Taiwanese tea beverages.

Highwire Coffee Roasters

Highwire Coffee in Alameda

Highwire Coffee Roasters is a small-batch coffee roaster devoted to the promotion of organic farming, sustainable practices, and creating a balanced cup of coffee. Established in 2011, Highwire pursues the straightforward goal of sharing the coffees it loves with the community.

Offering coffee, tea, and pastries. Whole beans are also available for purchase.

Preacher’s Daughter Wine Bar & Cafe

Preacher's Daughter Wine Bar Alameda

The Preacher’s Daughter is a restaurant, wine bar, and cafe bringing Old World Wines, craft beer, third wave espresso, and delicious food to our customers.

Nestled in a historic building in Downtown Alameda, we want to welcome you to our little cozy corner on Park Street!

Gong cha Alameda

Gong cha Alameda for boba tea

“Gong cha” is an act of offering supreme quality teas to the Emperor in ancient China. Today, we at Gong cha treat all our customers as royal family and will only serve the best quality tea and beverages to you. We thrive to provide safe, natural, healthy, and tasty products, while valuing customer’s satisfaction as our goal by offering refreshing beverages and services that leave our customers delighted. All our teas are freshly brewed daily in our cafes.

Our menu includes boba tea, foam tea, milk tea, fruit tea, smoothies, and coffee.

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