Alameda Family Collective is a member-run non-profit. We rely on our members to organize events and volunteer their skills for the betterment of our organization. Members also serve on our Board of Directors or on various committees. The board meets every other month, and service in these positions is an annual commitment, renewed or undertaken in July of each year.

Jennifer Weiss, Co-President

Jennifer is an extroverted introvert with an eye for faces, but no memory for names. Fueled by coffee and copious amounts of sugar, she spends her days chasing around her 5 and 2 year old girls. She's been a member of AFC since 2013, on the board since 2014, has been taking notes as Secretary since 2015, and recently moved into her new role as Co-President. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2004, cooking for friends and family with food restrictions/aversions has become her personal Iron Chef, which has helped her as a frequent participant in Dinner Angels - no allergy, aversion, or picky toddler can bring her down.

Amber Prewitt, Co-President

Amber is the proud parent of a kindhearted, high energy 4 year old, and happily married to her husband of 10 years. In the past, she has served as a Moms’ Night Out Organizer, as well as helped coordinate Sensory Playdates and holiday creativity events. She is excited to transition from Marketing & Communications Chair, into her new role as Co-President. As new(ish) Bay Area transplants, Amber and her family enjoy adventuring around the state. One of her superpowers is finding neat, kid-friendly places to go - and then going! As Co-President, Amber looks forward to meeting new members, as well as scouting for member involvement. If you’d like to meet for coffee and/or a playdate, volunteer to host an event, or are curious how to become more actively involved in our community - she’d love to chat!

Ruby Taschner, Treasurer

Ruby is the parent of a sweet 3 year old boy. She and her family live on the East End, and you can often find them at Lincoln Park. Ruby has been a member of AFC since 2015, and has mostly participated in Moms' Nights Out and Thursday Afternoon Playdates. As Treasurer, Ruby is responsible for managing the financial aspects of AFC. If you host a special event/playdate and need a reimbursement for supplies, Ruby is the person to get in touch with! Ruby is also dubbed AFC's official "unofficial" blog post editor.

Julia Cianci-Smith, Secretary

Julia has called the Bay Area her home for the past 10 years, and Alameda has been the perfect place for she and her husband to raise their sweet, two-year-old son. You can usually find them taking walks on Park Street, or frequenting nearby playgrounds. New to the AFC, Julia is looking forward to meeting other families and participating in education series events, play dates, and more.

Committee Chairs

Betsy Johnson, Membership

Betsy and her family moved to Alameda in May 2017 from San Mateo and, while she misses Philz coffee dearly, really loves living on this amazing island! She and her husband are the parents of two very crazy and sweet girls, 5 and 3 years old, who whole-heartedly contribute to her daily ritual of coffee in the morning and wine at night. She works 4 days/week as a pediatric physical therapist at CPMC in San Francisco, and is trying to suppress any further urges for baby fever by working with infants all day. Betsy is excited to embrace her role as Membership Committee Chair, having previously served a similar role in her mother's club in San Mateo. She loves meeting new people and is excited to welcome all the new members to this wonderful community.

Sheridan Sherwood, Special Events

Sherry is originally from Mexico, and is the proud parent of two energetic and very independent bilingual boys, 3yo & 20mo. She has been married to her husband, Drew, for the past 8 years. They moved to California from the east coast in 2012, and have been living in Alameda for the past year . Sherry joined AFC in July of 2017, and since that time, her network of friends and family has grown daily. You can often find her at any of the beautiful parks on the island, chasing her boys, and exploring new places to keep them occupied. She enjoys the diversity and the inclusion which are fundamental in raising a family, as well as feeling part of the community with the AFC. 

Lindsay Kemp Bruckstein, Marketing & Communications

Lindsay and her husband moved to Alameda in 2015 from San Francisco, and welcomed their first child at the end of 2016. She juggles staying at home with her toddler while also working part-time in digital marketing. Prior to that, she spent 10+ years in the wine and spirits industry in market research. Lindsay also serves on the board of BANANAS. In her free time she enjoys entertaining, hiking, and learning about local history.

Elizabeth Yura, Adult Socials

Elizabeth is the left half of the family brain (engineer!), and is perfectly partnered with her right brain hubby (video editor/producer) and feisty 2 year-old girl. They recently relocated to Alameda in May 2018 when Elizabeth took a new job overseeing the community engagement and rule development activities with the local air district. This born 'n raised in Texas gal still can't get over how cold the Bay Area is, but is looking forward to wearing lots of sweaters and planting roots on the island. She loves to run, bike, and drink beer (she is from Texas after all!), so she's extra excited to meet other Alameda families and to be the new Adult Social's coordinator! Cheers y'all!

Paula Parks, Children's Socials

Paula is a bilingual Spanish/English educator with a passion for community building. As co-founder of Circus of Smiles, she oversees school based enrichment programming and supports developing teachers. A lover of adventure, Paula has lived in three countries and traveled to 26 more. Now rooted in Alameda, you can often find her experimenting in the kitchen with spices and flavors from around the world. Her best accomplishment to date is Oliver, her 14 month old who is known for his mega-watt smile.

Leah Bigonger, Community Liaison

Leah has been an active member of AFC since the birth of her son, Hutch, in 2016. She serves on the board as the Community Liaison, and has previously served as Moms' Night Out Organizer. She is grateful for all of the meaningful relationships AFC has afforded her within this treasured community, and is dedicated to continuing to foster this special bond! By day, Leah is an Office Manager aka Den Mother at an ad tech company’s SF satellite office. A Bay Area native, Leah and her husband Mark relocated back to her grandmother’s former home in 2013. They love a good theme party with costumes, as well as scoping out new spots and ideas for monthly date nights or family outings. Please let her know if there are any appealing events to share with members by adding to our calendar!

Joanna Lau, Babysitting Co-op

Joanna is the mom of a sweet, 18 month old boy. She was born in Hong Kong, and moved to the Bay Area in 2001. Living in Alameda for 10+ years, Joanna enjoys her beautiful hometown. As a CPA, Joanna has worked in the business field for many years. As of late, she has jumped into child development and education to support her son's developmental needs. As a new member in AFC, Joanna is looking forward to serving our lovely community.

Nisha Sehn, Web Admin

Nisha is a coffee-chugging, British television-loving Canadian, and is a mom to a curious 2-year-old. She and her family have lived in Alameda since 2014 and enjoy the beach, local restaurants, and the numerous events held by the AFC. Nisha works at a technology non-profit as a program manager and loves finding new ways to address social and humanitarian issues. She also enjoys listening to podcasts, working out, and traveling - ideally all at the same time!

Alina ReevesGiving Back

Interested in serving on the board and/or becoming more actively involved? We are still looking for interested and engaged members to fill the following roles. Please reach out to Amber at for more details! 

  • Education Chair: Coordinates monthly Educational and Sensory playdates.
  • Education Series Chair: Generate ideas and book speakers for quarterly meetings that are open to the public.

AFC facilitates connections within a diverse community of families
by providing resources and opportunities for
social, educational and philanthropic engagement.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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