Alameda Family Collective is a member-run non-profit. We rely on our members to organize events and volunteer their skills for the betterment of our organization. Members also serve on our Board of Directors or on various committees. The board meets every other month, and service in these positions is an annual commitment, renewed or undertaken in July of each year.

Molly McGee, President

Molly is a single parent of a 3 year old daughter, and works as a holistic personal trainer. They raise chickens and turkeys and love gardening - feel free to reach out if you want to visit their mini backyard farm and get dirty, or have a dance party. As President and former Education Series Chair, Molly has worked on increasing AFC transparency and inclusion of families. She always needs help organizing education series events; if you have topics you are interested in learning more about, please get in touch!

Jessica Frank, Vice President

Jessica is co-CEO of Frank Family Industries, mommy to 3 & 4 year old boys, as well as wifey to James. She has served on the AFC board since 2014, and is one of our co-Presidents for 2018. She is part of the crew of Alamedans ferrying over to SF to work in the city as a non-profit HR manager for On Lok, a senior care organization. Jessica has served in several roles over the years, and you are most likely to see her at the Concerts at the Cove in the summer, as it is in her back yard! Lately, Jessica has helped us keep up with our 501c3 requirements and transitioned in between our two treasurers. She is proud of the village we've all created over the last 4 years, and hopes that we can keep this organization thriving for many more with your support and involvement!

Jennifer Weiss, Secretary

Jennifer is an extroverted introvert with an eye for faces, but no memory for names. Fueled by coffee and copious amounts of sugar, she spends her days chasing around her 5 year old and 23 month old girls, and participating at her eldest's cooperative preschool. She's been a member of AFC since 2013, on the board since 2014, and been taking notes as Secretary since 2015. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2004, cooking for friends and family with food restrictions/aversions has become her personal Iron Chef, which has helped her as a frequent participant in Dinner Angels - no allergy, aversion, or picky toddler can bring her down.

Ruby Taschner, Treasurer

Ruby is the parent of a sweet 3 year old boy. She and her family live on the East End, and you can often find them at Lincoln Park. Ruby has been a member of AFC since 2015, and has mostly participated in Moms' Nights Out and Thursday Afternoon Playdates. As Treasurer, Ruby is responsible for managing the financial aspects of AFC. If you host a special event/playdate and need a reimbursement for supplies, Ruby is the person to get in touch with! Ruby is also dubbed AFC's official "unofficial" blog post editor.

Committee Chairs

Betsy Johnson, Membership

Betsy and her family moved to Alameda in May 2017 from San Mateo and, while she misses Philz coffee dearly, really loves living on this amazing island! She and her husband are the parents of two very crazy and sweet girls, 4 and 3 years old, who whole-heartedly contribute to her daily ritual of coffee in the morning and wine at night. She works 4 days/week as a pediatric physical therapist at CPMC in San Francisco, and is trying to suppress any further urges for baby fever by working with infants all day. Betsy is excited to embrace her role as Membership Committee Chair, having previously served a similar role in her mother's club in San Mateo. She loves meeting new people and is excited to welcome all the new members to this wonderful community.

Michelle Lange, Events

Michelle is a wife, as well as a mom to a high-energy daughter (born July 2013). She has lived in Alameda for 11 years, and works as a Supervisory Analyst in the research department of a New York-based investment bank. She spends what would be her commuting hours driving her child to/from preschool on the other side of town. In AFC, Michelle previously spent time as Membership chair, has now transitioned to Events chair, and would LOVE member participation in planning all the great events that AFC offers each year. Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved. A year-long commitment isn't needed; we welcome your fresh ideas and experience for single events.

Sharon Ross, Babysitting Co-Op

Sharon is light-hearted wife & stay-at-home mother of two amazing and sweet girls - 5 & 16mo. When she's not questing for coffee or praying for her little to nap, you can find her lurking Pinterest and thinking about how to make AFC better. She joined the board in 2015 as the Creativity Chair, and introduced Busy Bag Swaps and Book Circles. She often hosts soup swaps, Crock-Pot Meal exchanges, and Mommy Game Nights. Recently, Sharon has transitioned to leading the Baby-sitting Co-op. She's a lover of "Me" time and her sanity. She hopes to help other parents enjoy the benefits of child care swapping and saving money.

Amber Prewitt, Marketing & Communications

Amber is the proud parent of an amazing, kindhearted, high energy 3 year old, and happily married to her husband of almost 10 years. She also serves as a Moms’ Night Out Organizer, as well as helps coordinate Sensory Playdates and holiday creativity events. As new(ish) Bay Area transplants, Amber and her family enjoy adventuring around the state. One of her superpowers is finding neat, kid-friendly places to go - and then going! (Plus, occasionally blogging about them.) As Marketing & Communications Chair, she is always scouting for member involvement. If you’d like to contribute a blog post, help manage the blog, or volunteer to host an event - she’d love to chat!

Brandi Jackson, Education

Brandi is the proud mom to a curious, energetic, lovable 2 year old daughter. She is also happily married to her husband of over 11 years. Currently, Brandi stays at home with her daughter, but taught 2nd grade for 12 years before becoming a mom. Brandi and her family moved to Alameda in October 2016, all the way from Kansas City. Once in Alameda, Brandi joined AFC in order to meet new people. Since then, she has become an active part of the organization, and is now serving as the Educational Chair. In this role, Brandi helps organize the educational and sensory playdates. If you are interested in hosting or co-hosting an Educational or Sensory Playdate, please contact Brandi. She is willing to help anyone create a successful event for our children!

AFC facilitates connections within a diverse community of families
by providing resources and opportunities for
social, educational and philanthropic engagement.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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